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Kind Words

Bronwyn was amazing at creating a peaceful environment...

Just as I read time and again when researching doulas while pregnant, I don't think I could have had the birth experience I hoped for and experienced without Bronwyn. My (first) pregnancy was uncomplicated and "normal" until I was hospitalized with bleeding and contractions at 32 weeks. We had interviewed several doulas already and had signed on with Bronwyn because both my husband and I immediately connected with her during the interview. She is so very genuine and compassionate, but she also really struck me as someone who thinks things through carefully and deliberately. It was important to me that the doula we chose would help me trust my body and the naturalness of birthing while also recognizing that in some cases medical intervention actually is necessary. She seemed like someone who would be able to work well with the medical team if it became necessary. Thankfully, that turned out to be the case. Once I was hospitalized, I was quickly transferred from the associated Birth Center hospital to one with a level 3 NICU just in case the baby came early. We had not even had our first prenatal visit with Bronwyn yet; however, when I called her and explained what was happening, she offered to come do our first visit in the hospital "just in case." Although the setting was not what any of us had been expecting, I am so glad she was flexible because I went into labor two days later and the baby came the next day! It was not the Birth Center birth I had imagined, but Bronwyn was amazing at creating a peaceful environment and supporting my desires for an unmedicated birth. She fit right in with the other members of my birthing team (husband and mother), helped them support me and also was well respected by the nurses and doctors. She helped me feel safe and loved, and at the postnatal visit, she reminded me of all the wonderful things about my baby's birth. She is a kind and beautiful person and I feel so blessed to know her.

Katelyn C.

Bronwyn was by our side the whole time...

Bronwyn was highly recommended to me by a friend, and while I probably could have given birth without her, boy am I glad I didn't! Initially, my husband was skeptical about hiring a doula ("wait, so she's just there to like...rub your back?"), but now he is a total convert. To this day, he and I tell people that it was the best decision we ever made during our birth planning. 
I had a long and painful 36 hour labor -- and Bronwyn was by our side the whole time. Not only did she help me through the birth of my daughter, but she helped my husband through it as well. It's no small thing to see someone you love go through this experience, and having someone he could talk to helped keep him sane.
Beforehand, Bronwyn respected my wishes to go medication-free and shared coping techniques for the pain -- even told me what to expect. Thanks to her, i was ready when the nurses said it was time to push. Did I mention she held my leg?! Well, one of them -- my husband held the other ;-)
Honestly, she is like family to us now and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Just hire her already. Whatever kind of birth experience you're planning, Bronwyn will be supportive and helpful and you will thank yourself for having had the foresight to enlist her services. So will your partner ;-)
Rachel R.

My husband said that Bronwyn was really helpful in giving him perspective when things weren't going as we had planned/hoped...

We were so lucky to find Bronwyn and be able to have her present at our daughter's birth. During my pregnancy, Bronwyn came and met with my husband and I a number of times so that we could discuss in depth what was most important to us and come up with a birth plan that fit our desires. She also spent some time with us going over different labor positions ahead of time which was really helpful. Most importantly, she really made us feel at ease throughout the experience.
I had an unexpectedly long and complicated labor and can't imagine going through it without Bronwyn at my side. She was there checking in with us and came as soon as we requested her presence. Throughout my labor, Bronwyn was a wonderful source of energy and encouragement and peaceful support. She and my husband worked wonderfully together in guiding me through contractions and making sure I felt comfortable with the choices we made throughout my labor experience. There was a lot going on around us during my labor because of various complications and Bronwyn really helped us be able to focus on the labor and not get caught up in everything else. When asked about it, my husband said that Bronwyn was really helpful in giving him perspective when things weren't going as we had planned/hoped, and that he really appreciated and enjoyed the beautiful experience we had with her help. After the birth, Bronwyn also stayed with me for a few hours at a time of high anxiety when my baby had to get an IV (and my husband went with her). Bronwyn made sure I was fully settled before leaving.
I really cannot imagine having gone through the overwhelming and painful labor without both her and my husband by my side, encouraging me, massaging my back and giving counter pressure, and holding my hands. I can't recommend her enough. We already hope that we'll be able to have Bronwyn at the birth of our second child!
Elana A.

She is friendly, warm, supportive and reliable...

I only have amazing things to say about my birth experience with Bronwyn. She was recommended to me by a friend, and my husband and I knew we made the right choice to work with her as soon as we met her. She has the experience, but there is so much more that's needed which she provided. She is friendly, warm, supportive and reliable. She understands that a birthing experience is different for everyone, so customizes your birthing plan with you and is flexible on the day to cater to your needs. I am so glad we chose Bronwyn to help us through the birth of my first child. I look back on the day with such fondness and positivity, which is in large part due to her presence and support during my delivery.
Melissa C.

I felt empowered and educated... Bronwyn's presence is calming and her experience is unmatched.

I have hired Bronwyn for both of my births and would recommend her to anyone looking for birth support. Bronwyn was an integral part of my birth story. I felt empowered and educated in my first birth after taking her class and at ease after each of our prenatal visits as she helped us make a birth plan. 
Bronwyn is always prepared for the unexpected and helped us navigate birth in a birth center and as well as a hospital setting. My husband told her we "will never have a baby without you" and I completely agree. 
I had one short and sweet labor with my first and a long and rewarding labor with my second. Bronwyn was there to make sure my husband was taken care of and I was as comfortable as I could be. She made sure we ate, drank, and rested throughout the whole labor which I believe is how I was able to labor successfully. 
Bronwyn's presence is calming and her experience is unmatched. Hire her, you won't regret it!  

Demi H.

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