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Birth Doula Care

Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery Support

Birthing your child can be a powerful and transformative experience.  How you feel, how you are treated, and how empowered you are to trust your body and make good choices has the potential to change everything! 

As your birth doula, I accompany you during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery to help your birth experience be as healthy, supportive, and meaningful as possible.  From a non-judgmental and compassionate perspective, I provide you and your partner with physical and emotional support.  I offer information you might need to make decisions and I help you communicate your needs and desires to your birth team.

In our times together during your pregnancy we build trust, partnership and connection.  Your partner and I take your hopes and wishes to heart and practically prepare to create the best possible environment for your birthing experience.  During labor itself - through continuous care - I provide reassurance, perspective, and encouragement to you and your partner, make practical suggestions for labor progress, and offer help with relaxation, massage, positioning, and many other techniques for comfort and ease.

My primary goal is for you to be supported, empowered, and honored during your birth experience.  I approach your birth with great care for your memories of how you were heard, treated, and respected.  When you look back on the birth of your baby, I want you to feel that you were well-informed, cared for, and championed.

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Prenatal Consulting and Guidance

Customized Support to Answer All Your Birth Questions

During pregnancy you invest a great deal of time and energy into taking care of yourself and planning well for birth.  As your birthing guide and advocate, I help you:

  • Navigate important and significant decisions, like where you will give birth or who your pediatrician might be.

  • Find support from trustworthy professionals, like prenatal yoga instructors, chiropractors, and lactation consultants.

  • Make connections to local resources, such as breastfeeding support groups and child care options.

  • Think through a birth and postpartum plan so you know all your options and feel supported every step of the way.  


After a preliminary phone conversation, we then have an in-person, two-to-three-hour session together.  Listening to your story, hearing your hopes and concerns, and responding with knowledge, compassion, and evidence-based information helps us customize a hopeful, practical, and realistic plan for your birth needs.


Childbirth Education Classes

Informative, Comprehensive and Fun!

How you prepare for your birth is important!  I believe childbirth education should be engaging, fun, and empowering, instilling in you real confidence in your capacity to birth well.  Whether it’s teaching you to understand signs of labor, providing your partner with tips and tricks to support you at home and at the hospital, enabling you to navigate the medical decisions you will face, or preparing for postpartum healing and recovery, a childbirth education class is one of the best things you can do to wisely prepare for birth. 

I offer three interactive, evidence-based, and comprehensive options for childbirth education:

  • Private lessons in your home

  • A small-group class in my home in East Boston 

  • A large-group class at Newton-Wellesley Hospital 

It is one of the genuine joys of my life to hear how encouraged, prepared, and excited soon-to-be new parents feel after taking one of my childbirth classes.

My doula care includes: 

  • Two prenatal visits in your home to thoroughly prepare for the birth

  • Unlimited phone and email consultation and support

  • Assistance in writing your birth plan

  • Resources and referrals

  • 24 hour on-call support in the month surrounding your due date

  • Continuous labor support at home, birthing center, or hospital

  • One postpartum visit in your home


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